Korps Mahasiswa Ilmu pemerintahan (KOMAP) on Tuesday (19/2) held inaugural period of 2018/2019. As 70 Students were appointed as trustees KOMAP who will continue teh baton relay management.

In the inauguration was attended by the vice dean II Aswad Ishak, S.IP., M.Si, Chairman of Department of Government Affairs and Administration Dr. Muchamad Zaenuri M.Si, Secretary of Department of Government Affairs and Administration Muhammad Eko Atmojo, S.IP., M.IP and Laboratory Coordinator of Department of Government Affairs and Administration Sakir, S.IP., M.IP and governance organization that exits in the environment FISIPOL UMY.

In this inauguration, Chairman of Department of Government Affairs and Administration UMY give a message “use activities that have been carried out from the year ago period KOMAP has been successful, to be made into the activities of this year KOMAP.” By taking part actively in the organization or student means KOMAP able to apply theory already obtained processed associated with leadership. This would later become the provision when it was already in a greater scope.

Aswad Ishak, S.IP., M.Si also told in his speech that with the new board on KOMAP hopes to be able to optimize KOMAP board of the time, I am aware of this year will surely be tiresome, and my great expectations, don’t leave lectures so as to balance the academic and non-academic achievements, said Aswad Ishak,S.IP., M.Si as vice dean II of FISIPOL.

Meanwhile, Dwi Urip as representative of KOMAP previous period also give survivors and the message that Management expected to 2018-2019 Period KOMAP providing a form of responsibility for what is already spoken at the inauguration . Because KOMAP earned in the process, and this is what friends have to contemplate or can be used as patterns for friends that the foregoing is a lesson for the goodness to come.

In this occasion Mahatir Mohammed as the Chairman elected KOMAP describes the organizational logo KOMAP period 2018/2019, and tagline were taken for the period management of 2018/2019 that is the hope of progress. Therefore as the new governance should reinforce KOMAP Foundation stewardship moment, because in a strong foundation will definitely generate strong buildings, the hope fore komap could more strongly from the previous periods.

Thus, on this day department of government affairs and administration students corps the period in 2018-2019 has been officially sworn in. A lot of the expectation which has been presented from different angles, then KOMAP Period 2018-2019 able to exercise its duties in accordance with their responsibilities and share of.