Students are one of the agents of change, one of these changes will be able to open jobs for the community. Therefore students are expected to be able to foster entrepreneurship. The Department of Government Affairs and Administration Study Program, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta is one of the Government Science Study programs that has tried to foster entrepreneurship in students through entrepreneurship courses. During this time the profile of graduates of Government Sciences is still largely oriented to the world of bureaucrats and politics but does not rule out the possibility that graduates of Government Sciences can also become entrepreneurs.
This is also in accordance with one of the profiles of UMY Government Science Study Program graduates, namely becoming entrepreneurs / wati who have special skills to empower themselves and also the community.
Saturday, December 22, 2018 at the E. lt 1 building at the University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, Governmental students with as many as two classes held a practice course on entrepreneurship. The event titled Entrepreneurship was joined by 13 groups selling various types of food and beverages. Dra. Atik Septi W., M.Si as lecturer lecturer said “This is one of the implementations of the theory that has been given in class. So that with this activity students don’t just understand the theory. but also able to apply in the surrounding environment. On this occasion, students are required to be able to produce products that have a selling point.
In this entrepreneurship fair, students offer a variety of diverse food and beverage products. Not only selling innovation products, but students also submit their products before lecturers to be given appreciation and value for the products they have made. One of the products sold in this entrepreneurial activity is the elephant’s eye, this product is in the form of processed quail eggs with the image of savory taste. This activity also has a positive side for students, as expressed by Najli Aida “This activity can know the practices related to marketing a product, so we don’t just know the theory but we can implement it.”
So that this entrepreneurship fair activity received a positive response for students. Thus students are able to learn for entrepreneurship which of course starts from the bottom. Students are required to be able to think creatively to produce innovative businesses and then try to market.
“This activity is very useful, because in addition to getting theory in our class, we are also guided to start the practice of a business from the beginning, how we can be a businessman,” concluded Qatrinnada, one of the Fair entrepreneurship participants. (Vd/Ab)