Vision and Mission


Becoming a Government Affairs and Administration Study Program that excelled in the development of Governmental Affairs and Administration based on Islamic values ​​for the benefit of people at a national and international level in 2021.


  1. Organizing a global-oriented education based on Islamic values.
  2. Researching Government Affairs and Administration that focuses on governance, leadership, conflict management and environmental governance studies.
  3. Conducting community service that is relevant to the problems and needs of society through the approach of contemporary government science based on Islamic values.
  4. Developing students to become graduates who have a noble character, insightful and highly capable of Government Affairs and Administration.


Concerning the Vision and Mission of UMY, the goal of UMYGovernment Affairs and Administration Program is to produce scholars who have:

  1. The realisation of alumni who have theoretical and technical competence in the field of national and international standard government that has strong basic values ​​of Islam.
  2. The realisation of scientific works of academicians in national and international publications useful for the development of Government Affairs and Administration
  3. The realisation of devotion that has benefits for government stakeholders and the community.