Bandung – After the previous day lecture series at BAPPENAS, BNPB, and Commission I of the DPR-RI, Government Affairs, and Administration UMY continued the Lecturer series at the Bandung Government Communication and Information Agency (Diskominfo) on Tuesday (11/27).

In the last series which was held on 26-27 November 2018, it was immediately welcomed by the Head of Planning, Evaluation, and Development of ICT Resources, Diskominfo, City Government of Bandung, Ayi M. Rahmat, S.IP., MM. “I welcome all the students of the UMY Government Science Study Program in the Bandung City Government work environment”.

The activity held at the Rosada Auditorium in Bandung City Hall was attended by 34 Students of the 2016 UMY Government Affairs and Administration Program who took the Course in Government Information and Communication.

Sakir, S.IP., M.IP as the Lecturer in Government Affairs and Administration explained the intent and purpose of his arrival at the Bandung City Government to study E-Government Governance in realizing Smart City in Bandung City.

Broadly speaking, the Application of E-Government in Bandung City refers to the direction of the Ministry of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia (Kominfo RI) based on the Asian city framework which is divided into 6 clusters. “The Bandung City Government in implementing E-Government is based on the 6 Asian city cluster clusters, namely Smart Governance, Smart Economy, Smart Society, Smart Branding, Smart Living, and Smart Environment, so they are interconnected in implementing E-Government,” Ayi said.

In addition to referring to the directives of the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information, the application of E-Government in Bandung City has a reference to the Bandung Mayor Regulation Number 1338 of 2017 concerning Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Governance.

In making innovations, the Bandung City Government also has continuous integrity in implementing E-Government. “We not only think of innovation but also think about how innovation is integrity and has effective and efficient sustainability in accordance with the needs of the community,” Ayi added.

Closing the event this time all lecturer series participants were given the opportunity to visit and see the facilities owned by the Bandung City Government namely “Bandung Planning Gallery”. As is known Bandung Planning Gallery is a place specifically designed to provide information to the public related to the identity of the City of Bandung in the past and future in the form of visual graphics and multimedia based on information technology. (Faisal/Sulthon).

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