Yogyakarta – (02/11) As a step to improve the quality of student thesis, Laboratory of Departement Government Affairs and Administration  held a “Klinik Skripsi” (Thesis Clinic).

activities carried out in Laboratory room Laboratory of Departement Government Affairs and Administration , the activity was attended by 39 Student last semester. And speaker directly from Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) Assoc. Prof. Halimah Abdul Manaf, Ph.D.  Prof. Halimah said that the most important first step in writing a thesis is to look for an interesting thing to study. “In writing a good thesis, the author must have a strong reason for the discussion to be interesting,” said the UUM lecturer. Meanwhile the Departement Government Affairs and Administration of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY)  has a high standard of thesis writing, it aims to give enthusiasm to students to be serious in completing their thesis. “Thesis is indeed not easy to do, but it is not a reason to give up. With this Thesis Clinic, it can help me especially to make a thesis that is quality and not careless in completing the thesis “, said Esa, one of the Thesis Clinic participants.

Then Dwi Husna felt very helped by the holding of this Thesis Clinic. “In addition to being useful in providing correct thesis writing techniques, this Thesis Clinic activity is considered to be very attentive to students who are undergoing a thesis proven by directly bringing speakers from overseas and has no doubt about its quality in terms of thesis writing techniques,”

Prof. Halimah expressed her appreciation for the Activities of this Thesis Clinic, because she was given opportunity to share knowledge with the Students of Government Science Study Program at UMY. “I feel happy to be able to share knowledge with the UMY Government Science Study Program Students who have high enthusiasm for learning, and the Thesis Clinical Activities held are very positive. Hopefully after participating in this Thesis Clinic, students can be directly motivated to make a good and correct thesis, “he added. (Faisal).

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