IP UMY Holds a Simultaneous Thesis Proposal Exam

November 1, 2018 by : superadmin-ip

The thesis proposal exam which was held on October 27, 2018, ago was attended by 50 students of the final level Student of Department Affairs and Administrasi UMY or Students of 7th-Semester. Before the proposal examination was held, students first conducted guidance with Thesis Supervisors to design and make thesis proposals. The thesis proposal exam which is conducted simultaneously aims to provide an efficient level and effectiveness in the implementation of the thesis proposal exam.

“In addition, the thesis proposal exam is part of the academic process that must be passed by the Students of Department of Government Affairs and Administration UMY to continue a study prepared in the final assignment or thesis,” said Muhammad Eko Atmojo, S.IP., M.IP as the Secretary of Department of Government Affairs and Administration UMY.

As expressed by one of the students who took the thesis proposal exam, “The proposal test carried out with a mechanism like this is considered quite good and I am personally more pleased. Because this can make the training event in the face of examiners at the time of the thesis examination or awareness later and in addition, it also makes the preparation of research more mature, “said Addin Khaerunnisa Juswil.

Before taking the thesis proposal test, students prepare themselves as deepening the proposal that has been made by students and still maintains the stamina to be able to face the proposal exam well.

Addin Khaerunnisa Juswil or often called Sasa reveals that “In preparing for this exam, I only focus on learning to explore the theories that I used in this study, then in the background, I have prepared research and other methodologies since I chose to take the title of this research”.

The hope of holding this proposal exam is that in addition to students being able to understand and understand more deeply the focus of the research that will be studied and ready when facing the thesis exam, it is also expected to be able to produce qualified graduates. “We hope that this thesis proposal exam will be held so that students can better understand the mechanism of research and the mechanism of good writing” added the Secretary of the Department of Government Affairs and Administration UMY. (Vindhi / Andrean).