Yogyakarta – Monday (11/19) in improving the quality of student scientific writing by utilizing information literacy, the Government Science Laboratory of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of the University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta held a Soft Skill Training on Information Literacy and Scientific Writing.

Present at the training activity this time, Muchamad Zaenuri, M.Si, the Chairperson of the UMY Government Science Study Program, said that in the current era the use of online media in finding literature or reading resources is very important, especially to find updated information.

In his speech, Zaenuri also said: “Before writing an essay it is necessary to reference the reading that has been proven to be true, one of which is the use of access journals online from the websites of journals nationally standardized and internationally so that the paper made of good quality”.

The training took place at the 5th Floor of the AR Fakhrudin B Meeting Room of the Integrated Campus of UMY. Besides being attended by the Chairperson of UMY Government Science Study Program, also attended by the Coordinator of Government Science Laboratory UMY Sakir, S.IP., M.IP, UMY Librarian Novi Diana Fauzie, MA and 310 Students of Government Science Study Program of UMY in 2018.

As the main speaker, Novi Diana Fauzie, MA invited all participants to understand the Soft Skill Training related to literacy access in the form of online journals and the writing of good and correct scientific papers. “Access to literacy in the form of an online journal is one way that students can use to adopt information that will later be used to write good and correct scientific papers,” Novi said.

The training activities carried out from 08.00 – 12:30 WIB were enthusiastically followed by all participants. Muhammad Noor Cahyadi, one of the Participants in the Information Literacy Soft Skill Training and Scientific Work Writing, said that he felt greatly helped by this activity. “This Soft Skill Training is very useful especially for us New Government Science Students in 2018 because we are equipped with knowledge and are given access to choose a journal well and reduce plagiarism to a minimum in order to create good and correct writing.”

Novi also added that this Soft Skill Training Activity was a dynamic step given by the UMY Government Science Laboratory in learning upgrading and knowledge related to information literacy and procedures for writing scientific works, so that New Students of UMY Government Science Study Program in 2018 were accustomed to making good writing and true in accordance with predetermined standards. (Faisal / Andrean).