Yogyakarta Р(03/11) Departement Government Affairs and Administration  Program Study of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of the University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY)  held a lecture of practitioners who brought one of the village heads in Bantul Regency.

Widayani, M.I.P¬† Head of Sumbermulyo Village as speaker She said “very honored to be able to share experiences with UMY Departement Government Affairs and Administration Students.

Activities carried out in Class E1. This 002 was attended by 40 Semester 5 Students of Government Science Study Program of UMY who took a course in Village Governance.

Isnaini Muallidin, S.IP., MPA as the Lecturer in the Village Governance Course said that this practitioner lecture is a form of learning for students to deal directly with the community especially to find out how the process of Village Development Planning (Musrenbangdes) involves the community.

Meanwhile, Ani said that since the existence of the Village Fund, made the community feel determined to participate in guarding its use. “The community in general since the Village Fund has become more critical with the programs launched by the Village Government. This is because the people in Sumbermulyo Village are very concerned about the progress and welfare of the village, “said the village head of Sumbermulyo.

Closing the activity, Ani said that there needs to be a balance between the theories obtained in the classroom and the practices that occur in the field. “I think there needs to be a balance between theory and practice because the knowledge gained in the classroom needs to be complemented by the reality that occurs in the field. Indeed, there are many practices in the field that are not as smooth as the theory, essentially the theory with practice must be balanced, “said the village head of Sumbermulyo. (Andre).