Yogyakarta – UMY  Laboratory of Government Affairs and Administration on Tuesday, December 4, 2018, held a Journalistic series as Soft Skill Training with the theme “Everyone can be a Journalist”. The activity is a step to increase the knowledge and competence of Government Affairs and Administration UMY Student related to good and correct journalistic techniques.

Head of Government Affairs and Administration UMY Dr. Muchamad Zaenuri said  In his speech that the importance of soft skills training for all students as a form of certification that could later be used to enter the world of work.

“This Soft Skill Training is given to students of the Government Affairs and Administration UMY as a provision to enter the workforce later. Because in looking for work not only is the diploma sheet a reference but what skills do they have,” concluded Zaenuri.

In addition, Coordinator of the Laboratory of Government Affairs and Administration UMY Sakir, S.IP., M.IP also attended the Soft Skill Training activities held at the K.H Building. Ibrahim E.6 UMY 5th floor.

The speaker at the 2016 event was attended by the Head of the Jawa Pos Radar Jogja Editorial Board Amin Surachmad, S.I.Kom.I and Editor in Chief of Radar Jogja Online, PT. Yogyakarta Intermedia Digital Reren Indranila, S.IP.

The first material delivered by Amin Surachmad stated that studying journalists must have a good and correct technique so that the results of the journalistic product can be maximized.

“In writing good and true news, the facts in the field must be packaged in an interesting, unique, and fun way to increase the interest of readers,” Amin said.

In accordance with the big theme Everyone can be a Journalist at the Soft Skill Training this time, Reren Indranila explained that everyone can become a journalist.

“Everyone is a journalist. When you upload photos or videos on social media, you are indirectly a journalist. “The photos or videos will be seen and witnessed by many pairs of eyes as a form of information,” said Reren.

The last session in the training this time, Reren and Amin provided an opportunity for all participants to be able to see and review the news published by Radar Jogja Online.

All participants who attended were very enthusiastic about participating in this training activity. “Journalists are not only to pursue but are understood later to be practiced. Because each of us must have a journalist spirit that can be used at any time,” Amin added. (Faisal/Andrean).

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