Yogyakarta – (03/12) The Government Affairs and Administration Laboratory of UMY held a Spiritual Leadership Soft Skill Training. The training activity attended by Government Affairs and Administration Student 2017 was held at the K.H Ibrahim E.6 Building 5th a floor of the Integrated UMY Campus.

The speaker who attended the training this time was Dr. H. Agus Taufiqurrahman, Sp.S., M.Kes with the theme The Role of Youth in Leadership in the Disruption Age and Dr. Suswanta, M.Si, who discussed the theme Be the Best not be Asa.

Starting this activity Muhammad Eko Atmojo, S.IP., M.IP as Secretary of the Government Affairs and Administration of UMY in his speech said that in the face of the increasingly massive era of disruption, it is necessary to have leaders who are expected to have wise thoughts in dealing with and minimizing their use.

Acting as the first speaker, Agus Taufiqurrahman said that the role of youth was very large in the current era of disruption. “Youth is the spear of the nation that must be the leader of the group in the present and the future because, in the era of disruption, more challenges must be faced. Therefore youth is the only hope of the nation to overcome these challenges, “he said.

Providing humorous but serious material, Agus Taufiqurrahman invited all the training participants to pledge to be young people to have a high leadership spirit to change the mindset of the Indonesian people so that no more division would occur.

Leadership style wrapped in emotional intelligence and spiritual intelligence is a leadership style needed today. “As leaders, youth must have emotional and spiritual intelligence in order to create millennial leadership that can compete in the current era of disruption,” added Agus Taufiqurrahman.

As a strategy for successful leadership, the character of self-confidence is needed by believing in the potential of each individual. Suswanta said that new things will trigger a spirit that has never been before such a leadership style that is full of innovation or new things.

“Believing the potential to achieve success is a thought that must be possessed by each soul, then accompanied by the spirit of leadership in order to change the bad mindset to be positive,” concluded Suswanta.

Closing this activity Suswanta advised all participants who attended that the best of a leader is to be able to position themselves properly. “Self-ability to determine where we will direct life, what we have to do and which way we must go”, he added. (Faisal / Andrean).

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