Foreword of Head

Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb

First of all let us praise the presence of Allah SWT who has given us thousands of pleasures, both the blessings of Iman and Islam. Salawat and greetings do not forget we presented to the grand Prophet Muhammad SAW who has brought us to a bright future like today.

As a centre of knowledge development and governance, the Department of Science of the University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta commits to improving academic quality and service to the university community. By the vision and mission of the UMY Government Science program, which is a leading university in the development of science and technology based on Islamic values ​​for the benefit of the people, and becoming a leader in Southeast Asia, it is necessary to convey accurate and fast information.

With the support system of the Government Science Laboratory and library or reference room as a Resource Center, educational values ​​and culture are manifested through concrete through comprehensive information updates. In the realisation of the strengthening of governmental practice, the Department of Public Administration has established institutional partnerships to all stakeholders both in government and other Universities, both in the National and Internationally in the form of internships, research and student services to the community.

Then, to support the internationalisation of the Government Science project, it has International class and has established cooperation with leading universities in various countries, including Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, Australia, America, and many more. Also, the Department of Public Administration also equips various soft skills to students as a form of facilitation of development such as public speaking, English, leadership and others that support students both during college and after graduation.

Hopefully, with the website of the Government of Science, it can provide relevant and comprehensive information by the field of Government Science. The criticisms and suggestions we need for further improvement.

Walaikumusalam Wr.Wb




Dr. Muchamad Zaenuri, M.Si