Klaten – The Government Science Study Program at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of the University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY Faculty of Social and Political Sciences) held a Field Lecture in Ponggok Village, Klaten, Central Java. The activity carried out on Saturday (10/11) aims to increase the knowledge of students regarding the Village-Owned Enterprises (BUMDES) in Ponggok Village, which is also one of the best BUMDES in Indonesia.

The speakers in this field lecture were Director of BUMDES Tirta Mandiri Ponggok Joko Winarno and Ponggok Village Head Junaidi Mulyono. Meanwhile this field lecture was attended by students of the 5th semester of UMY Government Science Study Program who took the Village Governance Course.

“We can get this big because we also felt the bittersweetness of struggling to build the village of Ponggok,” said Joko. In addition, the Director of the Tirta Mandiri BUMDES Ponggok also explained that transparent and accountable Ponggok Village Government is one of the keys to the success of BUMDES in Ponggok Village to this extent.

Indeed, BUMDES owned by Ponggok Village has recently been discussed due to its success. Very high monthly income, making Ponggok Village one of the pilot villages in BUMDES Governance in Indonesia.

In addition, the success of Ponggok Village is inseparable from good Development Planning from various elements of the community in Ponggok Village.

In closing the Field Lecture the Head of Ponggok Village added that there was a need for motivation and willingness to realize the ideals that had been conceptualized. “This Ponggok village is big because the people have aspirations and willingness to move forward, we live, the village government conducts guidance and assistance so that the ideals do not go wrong”, said Junaidi. (Andrean).