Coaching of Thesis Undergraduate

Thesis Writing Guide

The following is a guide to thesis writing, can be downloaded at the link below:

Guide to Thesis Writing

Thesis Title Submission Requirement
  1. Value Transcript (has completed 120 credits with graduation conditions).
  2. Already doing online registration (Thesis) through KRS Online UMY.
  3. Have a valid Student Identity Card (KTM).
  4. Attach a Certificate of Thesis Training.
Thesis Guidance Flow

Schedule of Klinik Skripsi

Every Thursday and Saturday

09.00-15.00 WIB

in the Department of Government Affairs and Administration Reference Room


Registration Requirements for Thesis Proposal Exam
  1. Thesis proposal that has been accept
  2. Guidance Cards (Yellow Cards) that have been in the accept
  3. BTA Certificate (Shahadah) from the LPPI
  4. Toefl certificate with score 450 from PPB UMY
  5. Proof of Payment for the Proposal Exam (Print Key-In KRS) for Students of the 2015 Fiscal Year
Thesis Exam Registration Requirements

Terms of Compulsory Examination Exam Required

No Requirements Document
1 Certificate of Thesis Writing Training
2 Spiritual Leadership Certificate
3 MICE Certificate
4 Outbond Certificate
5 Public Speaking Certificate
6 Event Organizer Certificate
7 Certificate of Writing Scientific / Computer Literacy
8 Read, Write, Al Quran (BTA) Certificate
9 Community Service Certificate
10 TOEFL Certificate 450 (Not yet reached 450, 3x Exam)
11 Copy of Applicable Student ID Card
12 News of the Proposal Exam
13 Card Guidance (Yellow Card)
14 Payment Slip Thesis Exam
15 Theory-free Certificate (SKBT)
16 Three (3) Thesis Bendles
17 Deposit Data (Request Mr. Wahid)
18 Free Plagiarism Certificate (From GAA Laboratory)
  - All Original Files
  - Inserted in the Blue Color Map
  - Written Name of Student, Number Student
  - Name of Lecturer
  - Name of Lecturer Examiner Proposal
Flow of Revision and Thesis Collection